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Help with creating a mod, basics.
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Author:  Aicop [ Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Help with creating a mod, basics.

A short intro to my situation, a long time ago I made a mod with a friend. They were modifications on top of the bf1942 and desertcombat mods, we basically implemented a few vehicles from another mod (turbojeeps) and tuned a few other vehicles ourselves, changed spawns on the map etc. It was just for personal use and it worked. Now we are trying to play our old mod again, but it is not working, I assume patches (1.61) have changed a few things and figured I'd best start from scratch, so we can make a few personal modifications again.

My idea of creating a mod (I'll name it MyMod in this example) is the following:

- create the folder /Mods/MyMod/
- create the init.con where you refer to this same path as well to the mods (for now just bf1942) you want to fall back to for data you haven't included in your own files. Placing your own mod on the top.
- Create an objects.rfa, I created one with 1 entry namely objects/vehicles/land/willy/objects.con. Here I boosted the hitpoints so I can quickly test if my mod is working or not.
- Place the objects.rfa in /Mods/MyMod/Archives/objects.rfa
- Launch the game with bf1942.exe +game MyMod

However as I stated this no longer works, is there a simple thing I've perhaps forgotten. Or did the entire method of making modifications changed drastically? I did a few things to verify my own work too btw:

- Repacked the original objects.rfa with my modification inside MyMod folder (no result)
- Repacked the original objects.rfa with my modification inside bf1942 folder (this did work, but destroys the useful mod system and makes it impossible to distribute my files to my friend)

So I know the modifications I did on the vehicle script are correct, however I no longer know how to implement these changes in mod form. If anyone can provide me with this information I would appreciate it.

Author:  Aicop [ Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help with creating a mod, basics.

Yay after a lot of distilling we have been able to deduce what we were missing. A map now needs to be flagged compatible with a certain mod this is done by adding or modifying the line

game.setMapId MyMod

in /menu/init.con for all the maps. It does mean you need to modify all maps but at least it works, and it also seems to be the most used method as I see it in all mods (now I know were to look.)

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