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Porting the Walker to BFV!
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Author:  Refuse2lose [ Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Porting the Walker to BFV!

Ok, so I have learned to port from the 42 mod over to BFV and I understand the differences in the code for CSM between the two mods.

I wanted to expand a little and see whether its possible to pull in something from the 2142 mod (ie. Walker) into BFV. (ignore the legals for a moment).

Under the Refractor 2 engine the basic structure includes for map side modding:

- objects.con defines the PCO (PlayerControlObject) and addtemplates weapons, etc.
- network.con
- physics.con which defines the physical features of the pco - engines used, wheels, collision etc.
- Geometries.con defines the standard meshes from the objects.con file for the PCO
- textures.con defines the skins to go on the meshes

These are the key things I pull over map side when i port. In addition, I have to pull over effects, and sounds .wav format so the sound scripts .ssc files will not crash the map.

When I looked at 2142 I have the following:

- objects folder has the walker PCO contained in the bf2142/objects/vehicles_server.rar

I extracted this and found a folder called eu_apc which I am guessing is the Walker that shoots and has a gun on top. (big assumption so far). Well this folder contains the following useful files:

- eu_apc_pods.con (Hooray found the PCO code here. Also the eu_apc.con file has more PCO attributes defined. There are many PCOs in the Walker. (Lots of rotational bundles to make the stupid thing walk). lots of addtemplate thingies which I am used to and then some stuff im not sure about but for the most part i can rewrite this in BFV language. However the file references another file called eu_apc.tweak. How do i open this and what is it for?

- I see a folder called meshes which has a file inside called eu_apc.collissionmesh which I am assuming is the collission properties otherwise defined in the Game.rfa file in BFV. Is that a good assumption? (I believe I can change the materials in 3DS Max anyways for the collision and wont need this from 2142). OR is this the equivalent of the geometries.con file sin BFV? I cant seem to find the standard meshes in 2142...Although there is a file called eu_apc.ske which could well be the mesh because in BFV the .ske files are the meshes for the soldiers. Can anyone confirm? If thats correct, then is there a tool to open .ske file sin 3ds MAX?

Further WAIT: looks like the vehicle_client.rar file for the eu_apc has meshes that work i guess client side because they are not in the vehicle_server.rar file. Again the extension for the mesh is eu_apc.bundledmesh. How do I open this in 3dsmax?

- it looks like the effects for the PCO are in the bf2142/objects/effects_server.rar file (havent looked there yet to see if sound is set up like BFV with script files and .wav files.

- Textures seem to be in the vehicle_client.rar file and are all .dds files yippee something I am familiar with under BFV and can open with photoshop.

Author:  WhatThe [ Fri Nov 06, 2009 1:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Porting the Walker to BFV!

EU walker is the US_heavy_mech

Author:  [TKO]Twist [ Sun Nov 08, 2009 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Porting the Walker to BFV!

Yeah, APC is Armoured personnel carrier

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